Friday, April 22, 2016

Operation; Growing Paynes

So my dear readers,

I come to you with a tale of real time Messy Faith.

Many of you that follow me on other social media have already seen this little bit of exciting news.
Yeah, it's been crazy. And now I understand what people say ,when they say " God uses grace like a little kid likes to use peanut butter . He gets it all over everything."

I'm humbled to tell you that in just the 24 hours of our adoption announcement... God gave us our very first miracle! 
Because whom without Divine intervention can raise 1,600 in just one day to bring one orphan home?

God has His love and grace all over this.
I cannot help but testify.

We still have a lot to raise. The overall cost will be 30,000.

But my God is bigger than money.
He is bigger than circumstances.
He is love, and He is awesome.

I will be doing my very best between all the paperwork and craziness to document this journey , for the most part on here.

The number one thing I'm asking for is this; if you read this? Pray for us. Prayer is the most powerful thing, and I can't wait to see what more God is going to do!!

If you want you can check out our profile on Operation; Growing Paynes.

And if your in the mood for some great makeup, and other amazing items, you can check out
All of my earnings through there will be going to our adoption fund.

Thank you all SO much!
Love Mrs. Hooah

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  1. Love you guys and praying for you during this awesome journey!


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