Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Update on our journey

Yeah, I know . It's been forEVER since I've written here.

The adoption is going well. Every day we inch closer to getting our baby.

The financial aspect of it is probably my biggest leap of faith.

Between, babysitting for friends, craft booths at fairs, our youcaring page, and leasing our second car , I don't think I've worked harder for anything in my life.

That's a good thing. A dear friend reminded me that, this is supposed to be hard. 
Because of their sin in the Garden of Eden, God told Eve " I will greatly multiply  thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children "- Gen 3:16

For the longest time I figured well, that explains why it hurts to give birth.

But God is taking me so much deeper. As a woman that has been pregnant, has dealt with the travailing " birth pains" so to speak, I can tell you. This is tough. I do compare it to pregnancy. Because, while this baby that we search for and prepare is not growing in my physical stomach; this baby, this child is growing in my heart. And, God has His hands all OVER this story ,yall. 

This adoption journey is so much more than people make it out to be. Just like being pregnant.  Motherhood. Parenthood. Fatherhood. LOVE. Is a fight. It is a daily putting on of the servant. This journey is humility. Constantly being shown by God that I AM WEAK but He is strong. this is a lesson in dying to self. And realizing there is SO much more to this life than what we think. This life is a vapor. Nothing here is everlasting except the love of Christ. The love of Christ is everything. It has to be, because without it everything else is pointless.This journey is HOPE. Not, I hope we get this or I hope that happens kind of hope. Real hope. Sure hope. The hope I have in Christ. Promise hope that holds on through the ages, is handed down to our sons and daughters. Hope that breathes life into the lifeless way we exist. Hope that is Faith and Faith is Hope. Because, it's fuel for our faithless , and sin- sick souls. Hope that is healing , because God always keeps His promises. Hope that believes so fiercely in the sanctity of the life of a child, that it would sacrifice everything .... To show that child the love of Jesus Christ. 
We have devalued our children to mere accessories that are  to be polished up and paraded around like little trophies with price tags. We talk about them as if they are OUR accomplishments. As if they are indispensable , or somehow less or inferior. We talk like we've done SO much for them. But, Jesus DIED for them. Our children belong to God the Father, and He has entrusted the care of them to us.
He has given us the task of raising the future. Because these babies are not babies for long and even out through history children have been the willing vessels that God has used for literal miracles.

I've asked myself the question. Why? Do we seem to treat our babies, in the womb, and out as if they are no more important than the latest fashion trend?

God said to suffer the little children to come to Him, and that we can't enter the kingdom of heaven unless we come with the faith of a little child.

I think I started this journey because I always wanted a lot of children. But, it has grown to be infinitely more. I'm on this journey because God wants me to reach someone with His love. Because He wants to do something great through is. He wants us all to learn something about Him. This journey is for the purpose of bringing praise, honor and glory to my King.

And so we will continue one step at a time, to reach people with the love of God. And to inspire hope in His children.

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