Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pinterest favorites ❤️

It has been stupid long since we have done a Pinterest post!

So without further delay...... Here are some of the things that we are so excited about.

As you know my sister and I are fall freaks, and I'm just drooling over all of the fall ideas for this year.

Clean eating crockpot recipes, and some not so clean 😜
My mouth is watering. The end.
Doesn't this look incredible!?!?
Yum breakfast.
Sooooooo good looking 😍
Basically healing in a bowl 
Get in my mouth ❤️

Andddd now for the fashion. Recently I've really been into vintage style hats and pants.
I'm not sure words are even necessary to describe how cute all this is. I mean check out those hairstyles. And those coats, and shoes, and pants!!! 

So, you can expect sometime in the near future , blog posts that have some of these elements in them. Ttyl, Love Mrs. Hooah

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