Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Growing in Grace

Hello friends, it been an eternity since I have posted. 

I can't apologize, because my time away from here was needed.

But, I can say that it feels good to be back.
Blogging is special to me, I know it's completely outdated and I break ALL the rules for a successful blogger. But, I also know that all of that is ok. The handful of people that DO read this blog, I'm VERY grateful for!

All of that said... Here is an update 😍

My sweet soldier had to have heart operation a little while ago. He is fully recovered and loving life to the fullest now! Praise God!!

Our adoption is moving right along, at the pace that God has designed. Gonna be totally honest here, I wish it was moving faster, but I trust that God has everything figured out.

This has been so hard. 14,000 is how much we need to be able to have our profile books shown to birth mothers. We've been applying for grants, and slashing personal costs where we can, but we've hardly budged . 
I'm so thankful for the friends that have contacted us about doing fundraisers on our behalf , and I'm grateful for how the Lord has worked on my heart during this waiting period! 
Anyone reading this, that would like to donate to our adoption can go to Operation Growing Paynes.

Fun fact, that I have found out with my own health problems lately..... My body will no longer allow gluten. Like not even a little bit. I went gluten free a bit ago to see if it would relieve some chronic pain in my stomach that I've been dealing with, and it seemed to be at least taking the edge off. Then I went to a women's retreat with our church, ate something that I didn't know contained gluten, and boy howdy!!! Was I in pain?!?!? It was awful . Thankfully there was a sweet lady in the group that eats gluten free and she was able to educate me on how to be able to live. Lol. Clearly, I have a ton to learn. It's going to be a long road, I can tell. But, at this point I am so desperate for something that works!
Speaking of the women's retreat.... What an incredible time!
The women at my church have so sweetly ministered to me! And you know what is funny about it? Not in the way that I've expected. There is something about the way they fellowship, and encourage that has just blessed me so much. It's almost as if they are so focused on Jesus that nothing else matters. My pastor's wife spoke about spending time with God daily at the women's retreat. She was so humble and gracious in the way that she urged us to grow in God's grace. I've grown so much at our new duty station. I love how God takes all my expectations and He does the complete opposite. We had a wonderful time together, I've never really gone to things like that with my church, but I'm glad I went this year. I'm glad I didn't miss out on some grace that I didn't know I so badly needed!

With the beginning of fall, I have done a TON of designing and sewing!!!

It makes my heart so happy!!
Annnnnddddd I'll soon be branching into QUILTING!!!! My SoldierMan got me a few quilting books and a quilting hoop. I'm so excited!!! I'll be working on a special quilt for the baby we are adopting!  Coming soon as well, there will be a special post about decorating your nursery on a very tiny budget!! I'm excited about the rustic Winnie the Pooh theme, and sharing all the details with you!

For now, here's a little taste of what I've been crafting together!
There will be individual posts on each project with a few ways of how I style them, soon. 
This glitter peplum top! 
This knit, striped, circle skirt!
This plaid blanket scarf!
This navy and cream skirt!
This red vest!

Can't wait to share these with yall! It's time to close for today, thank you to all our readers, yall are awesome and we LOVE sharing Our Messy Faith with you!!!

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