Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A journey of healing

Good day lovelies!!!

What a beautiful fall day it is!! I'm still working on photos for the different ways I've been styling some of my recent projects! I'm excited to share so many low cost fashion ideas with you!!

As I mentioned before in my last post, I've been dealing with health issues lately.
( sigh) I feel as if I'm always posting that. And, it got me wondering. I have been in and out of dr. Offices for going on years now, but I haven't sought out healing from the Word of God. It kind of shocked me, because I believe that God can heal me, but I think I leave it there. All that to say that I've started a journey of learning about sickness and healing from the Word of God. I have no clue, where this study will take me. Already , I've studied one passage in James and I'm chewing on what God has to say. If any of our lovely readers has studied this particular subject in Gods Word I'd love to hear what you've found. You can leave a comment with your favorite bible passage about sickness and healing. I can't wait to see what happens!

So now it's time for a recipe review!!!!

I found this recipe on Pinterest and we tried it out last week! It was fairly easy to make. I made two small mistakes. 😁 I didn't read the directions for the rice noodles , and let them soften in cold water as opposed to the correct way of soaking them in HOT water. So, it took longer to cook than usual, but still turned out SO GOOD!!! My other mistake was that I used actual soy sauce ( which has gluten FYI), I think my brain was missing that day. So my tummy was in a small amount of pain later, but it still turned out great! I think what I liked the most is that, this is a very forgiving dish! My husband actually requested that we make it a regular!

The low cost fashion for today is this awesome outfit!

The jeans were found on sale at my good ol' Post Exchange! 7.00 bucks ladies...... And they are by far the most comfy jeans I've put a leg into!
The necklace is from premier designs ( not low cost, but definitely an investment since I wear it a TON)
Tank was a dollar from Walmart, and the belt and cardigan were from a thrift store.

I hope you all have wonderful days, and good food in your bellies!!!
Love, mrs. Hooah

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