Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall musings

Last night our heater kicked on. Considering the fact that this Hooah household stays nice and cool and we like it that way, it must have gotten quite a bit chilly.
This day has been deceptively full of sunlight but yet very chilled. I LOVE it!!! There was frost on my screen door this morning and I got so excited!!!!

I've been doing quite a bit of gluten free recipes from Pinterest,sewing, and I have volunteered at my church's private school as a part time preschool teacher. Yesterday was my first day and I REALLY loved it. I can't wait to see what kind of adventures I'm going to have while working there.

As mentioned I have been testing out many gluten free recipes from Pinterest lately and here are a few winners!
First up is this gorgeous  pan of breadsticks made from cauliflower. My only problem was it seemed to have a kind of flat aftertaste. Still working on the recipe to see if we can tweak that out of there. Otherwise, it was great.

Next was hamburger helper!
I know, I should be banished for mentioning a typical meal from a box, but I was craving it so much!! I just had to see if I could recreate it but without the gluten and processed junk. It was very successful!!!
 Last, but certainly not least are these adorable pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!! I loved them so much I had to take more than one picture!!

Moving on to focusing on fashion; I didn't get the chance this week to play much with the things I've been making. For some reason I was a little off and just wanted to LIVE in baggy tshirts and yoga pants. But, the very few times my body left my pjs I managed to squeeze in a couple different looks.

I laugh every time I see this picture. Because I felt so awful that day and was headed to the dr. For some antibiotics. I remember thinking I wish I was sleeping right now instead of trying to look human.
This scarf is like a really awesome hug. So far I've paired it with black and white stripes and now fur..... I'm really loving both.
This circle skirt was a breeze to make with material I found at goodwill . I'm having a lot of fun mixing up the styles, but this past Sunday I went with a retro cowgirl look and of course felt so at home in it!!! "If I can't wear my cowgirl boots, then I'm not going" Jk I LOVE my boots, but there are other things more important than boots.

Seriously though, I am loving this skirt.

Regarding our adoption journey.... The Lord has been doing so much working in my heart. I'm trusting in His timing... Of course every adoptive mother will understand that I just can't wait for that baby to be in my arms. Thank God , that while He has us waiting , He's been teaching me so much.
I've been reading a lot of birth mother stories lately . I'm trying to understand and see adoption from their point of view . After all, if it wasn't  for a birth mother , I wouldn't have the chance to be a parent again, my son would never be a big brother, and we wouldn't get the joy of gaining more family. I'm starting to realize that when I finally do meet her, I want to have my heart totally open to her. Not just the child that we will share. But, I want God to open my heart and bless her, pray for her, love her. As far as I'm concerned she's family. She is special. She is loved and wanted by me, the adoptive mother. This baby that we will share is going to be loved so much. And , I want to rest of the world to look at us , our individual stories; The birth mother and father, the adoptive mother and father, the little boy who gets the chance to be a big brother and have a sibling, and the little baby that all of us will share together. I want people to look at that and say WOW!!! God is so good, because only He can do something like that. God is good and gracious and His grace covers all of our uncertainty and anxiety!!!
Praise the Lord!
I hope all of you have a beautiful day!
Mrs. Hooah

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